Кира Мезяная и Константин Кореневский «MAGIC HEROES' TRICKS ON EARTH AND IN THE AIR»

Magical heroes threaten people with great disasters. You will learn how the residents defended their city from hostile forces attacking it. In a fairy tale, ancient legends are intertwined with historical facts. You will make a fascinating journey into the underworld, where you will discover the secrets of hillmen (dwarves and trolls). Then you will learn about the adventures of fiery heroes flying over the earth, listen to the songs of old ships, ammunition and bark beetles, and also visit space, where you will meet artificial satellites.
We invite to a fairy tale everyone who loves interesting travels, incredible adventures, wonderful transformations, magic and humour.

Формат 60х80/8 (210х297 мм)
Переплет Мягкая Скоба
Бумага Мелованная
Печать Полноцветная
Количество страниц 56
Дополнительная информация
Вид издания Литературно-художественное
Год выпуска 2022
Издательство ООО "Колоград" (ИД "Сегмент")
ISBN 978-985-896-143-5